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3rd DecMore Umpire Promotions

Congratulations to the following umpires for their recent successful assessments and promotions:

Richard Stanley joins us as County 2 Men's and County Ladies' umpire
Steve Holyer returns as County 2 Men's umpire
Peter Storr completes the double to become a County Ladies' umpire
Nigel Guppy and Aaron Bennett move from County 2 to County 1 Men's umpires
Aaron also gets his County Ladies' panel grading
Lee McEvoy gets to the top tier in Hampshire as a Regional 1 umpire

Congratulations everyone - thank you for putting in great performances every week!
Ginette Tessier
Umpire Assessment Manager

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21st OctUmpire Promotions

Even though we're not even at the end of October, umpires have been working hard! Congratulations to:
Nik Krykunivsky who is now a County 1 men's panel umpire after a recent second required successful assessment.
Paul Godfrey and Tim Clay who both had successful assessments yesterday to join the County 2 men's panel.
Well done all!
Ginette Tessier
Umpire Assessment Manager

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18th OctA message for Club Welfare Officers

Are you interested in setting up informal contact arrangements / community between Hampshire welfare officers?

Possible benefits could be making it easier to apply for our DBS through a neighbouring welfare officer. We could learn from each other by sharing experiences, and discuss new guidance and ideas, and recommend useful courses.

It could be supportive for new officers to know there was a ‘welfare officer’ group.

Please let me know / contact me if this interests you.

Rowena Shepherd
Hampshire Welfare Officer

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17th OctNew Web System Functions

As many of you will have noticed, the next part of the 2018 system upgrade has been implemented.
The major changes are in the personal and club administration areas, where both of these areas are now fully mobile friendly (i.e. they adapt and work on small screen devices as well as traditional larger screen devices e.g. PCs).
You should note that the layout of all functions in these areas will be different depending on the screen size of the device you are using.
In addition, the order of items will vary depending on the screen size and the day. This is so that, on mobile phones, the things you are most likely to want on a match day appear nearer the top of the page.
The old small screen systems for umpires and for club or team administrators no longer exist as all of the functions (and many more) have been transferred to the full personal area and club administration area respectively. The small screen system for players within a club still exists and has been upgraded to match the new formats.
If you are logging on via a device with a small screen, you will see that there is an option to have "continuous login". If you select this option your log in details will be stored on your phone and you will be able to log in in future just by clicking the quick log in bar at the top of the hampshirehockey.co.uk home page.
If you are a club administrator, but are not your club webmaster, you have a new function in the club administration area to remove access rights that you do not need. This will temporarily remove them from your pages and will propmt your club webmaster to remove them permanently the next time they log in. This will help you remove the functions you will never need (particularly for teams that you are not involved with), in case your club webmaster has been over-generous with your options.
If you are a club webmaster, you also have new functions in the View/Update Administration Rights programs to remove all access for a person or to add all access for a person. This means you need fewer clicks to set up the correct access rights for each administrator.

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14th OctHampshire Cup Draws

The draws for the this season's county cup competitions can now be found under the Results tab on the website. Instructions follow, given that not all relevant contacts have published email addresses.
Dates for most rounds of each competition have been set, although as in the past there is no problem if clubs wish to play their matches earlier than the due date. The home team must agree the date and time of each match with their opposition in good time; advise the Cup Secretary of any earlier date agreed; post the pushback time on the website through their club webmaster's personal area; and, where either team normally gets league appointments, book umpires with the relevant HHUA appointments secretary by the 15th of the month prior to the match. The result of the match should be either posted on the website through the sides' normal process for league matches, or advised to the Adult Cups Secretary at the contact details shown on the home page of the website.
For the Mens 1st XI Cup and Plate (which involve ALL sides which competed in the group stage in September), the following variations to the above apply. The preliminary knockout round of the Plate must be played by 6 January; the quarter finals of the Cup must be played by 17 March; the semi-finals of both Cup and Plate will be played as a tournament at a neutral venue on Saturday 13 April. It is suggested that advantage is taken of the weekend of 5/6 January to play the early rounds of both competitions, assuming that this is not needed as a league slip date.
Any club who would like to host the Mens Semi-Final Tournament on 13 April (4 full length games starting at 1100) should please contact the Adult Cups Secretary as soon as possible.
All Finals will be on Hampshire Day on Bank Holiday Monday 6 May.
Michael Harvey, Adult Cups Secretary 14 October 2018

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12th OctNew County Disciplinary Administrator (CDA) sought.

After 16 years in post, Chris Bond has indicated his intention to retire at the end of the season from the role of County Discipline Administrator (CDA) that he has so successfully held for that duration. The County wishes to appoint a replacement with the view that the candidate will join the existing team of three, including the Deputy CDA, in the New Year ready to take post from the start of the 2019/20 season. Interested parties should contact the County secretary on secretary@hampshireha.co.uk.

If you require further details, includling a Job Description, please contact either Chris or the deputy CDA, Steve Downham. Contact details on the County Website.

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12th OctHampshire O-60 men’s Master team

The Hampshire O-60 team compete in the EH Masters O-60’s Cup/Plate Competition each year which gives every team at least 2 Sunday matches a season, and as has happened with this squad we can go all the way to the finals at Lea Valley.

The current squad is not getter younger, so we would welcome any new O-60s (i.e. you must be 60 sometime this calendar year) joining in; if you are not already playing for a Club team in this year’s competition.

The Hampshire team has evolved over the years as an invitation side and you are now invited!

The 1st match this season is at “Home” which is likely to be in Winchester on Sunday 4th November 2018 against Gloucestershire and Herefordshire O-60. County Shirts provided!

To show interest can you please contact John Young (j.young233@btinternet.com or 07890 630489) to advise if you would like to play the odd game and if you are available to join the squad on 4th November 2018?

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11th OctClosure of north end of Stoneham Lane - reduced access to Trojans and Wellington Sports Ground

Phase 2 at the junction with Stoneham Lane - work will start from late October 2018 and will last for approximately 8 weeks. These works will require a 24hr road closure of the lower part of Stoneham Lane (from where it meets Stoneham Way to just south of Carnation Road) for the duration of the works. Night time lane closures (between 8pm and 6am) will also be put in place to enable the works on Stoneham Way.

Local diversion routes will be clearly signposted and safe pedestrian routes will be maintained at all times.

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4th OctNew Disrepute Offence Regulations w.e.f. 21 September 2018

The Disrepute Regulations have been revised & published, together with a new Disrepute Offence Report Form, both of which are on the website. The ONLY significant difference from before is that all completed D.O. offence reports must now, in the first instance, be sent to 'HG' (Head of Governance) at EH who will decide if what is reported constitutes a D.O., & if so, who is best placed to deal with it, e.g. RDA or CDA. The current 'HG' is Jenny Agnew whose contact details are on the new report form. A simple definition of a D.O. is 'any misconduct/misbehaviour in Hockey by anyone involved in Hockey which cannot be dealt with by Red Card or MMO'. Whereas only Umpires can issue Red Cards or report MMOs, ANYONE may submit a D.O. report - HOWEVER, if an individual wishes to report a D.O. on his/her own behalf the report form MUST be endorsed by an "Affiliated Body" before it is sent to 'HG'. In this sense an Affiliated Body would usually be the Chairman or Secretary of one's Hockey Club, or HUA, who is required to endorse the report form at paragraph 15. It is requested that anyone submitting a completed (i.e. if required, with Para.15 properly endorsed) D.O. Report Form to 'HG' should, please, also copy in the CDA & the Deputy CDA for our information.Thank you in anticipation.
Chris Bond, Hants CDA

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1st OctChange to the Lighting Approval Procedure

The process of gaining lighting approval for venues has changed to self service.

Clubs now have the facility to enter the information required. Log into your club admin page and click on the Club Records tab and then open Pitch Lighting approval. You will now have the option to amend your lighting check.
Make Interim Statement
Use this button if you have a certificate that is less than 3 years old. Enter the date of the check. You will still have to send an email to the HHA Lighting Secretary stating that the lights are clean and have had no appreciable loss of lighting. The secretary will then complete the approvals process.

Record New Lighting Check
Use this button if you have a new certificate. Record the date of the certificate and another button appears, labelled 'Add File'. Scan and upload the certificate to the system. An automated notification is then sent to the HHA Lighting Secretary who will complete the approval.

Any problems/issues/questions please feel free to contact me.

Mick Renfrey
HHA Lighting Secretary

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15th Nov (2017)HHUA Membership Types

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The Management Committee have clarified the meaning of the three membership types laid down in the HHUA Constitution:

Full Member – This membership is intended for umpires who having passed their Level 1 assessment would like to take neutral appointments on behalf of Hampshire. You will have the opportunity to have support by way of coaching and assessments throughout the season along with the option of attending Coaching Days, whereby you are able to watch a match with coaches and mentors to discuss the finer points of umpiring. You will have full access to the HHUA shop through the website where you would be entitled to purchase badged HHUA shirts, in the three primary umpiring colours.
As a full member if you do take regular appointments you will have the loan of a radio which has now become an integral part of umpiring. As a member of HHUA you will be insured for any matches that you umpire.
The cost of this membership type is set to £30.00

Associate Member – This is intended for umpires who wish primarily to umpire for their club. You would be entitled to coaching/mentoring from HHUA if you feel you would benefit from this. You would be covered by HHUA in respect of insurance. This could be a stepping stone with a view to take neutral appointments in the future. If you are waiting to be internally assessed by Hampshire you may only be able to buy an unbadged shirt at this stage.
You will have full access to the HHUA shop through the website whereby you would be entitled to purchase unbadged HHUA shirts.
Associate membership is also suitable for members no longer taking neutral appointments but whom wish to be engaged with the Association.
The cost of this membership type is set to £12.50.

Affiliate Member – The aim of this membership type is for any person who has expressed an interest in umpiring. This is intended for those that are looking to start their umpiring journey but may at this stage not have yet been assessed but has a knowledge of the game having possibly started the Introduction to Umpiring Programme run by England Hockey.
There is no cost for this membership type.

If you have any questions about which category you might fall into, please contact the membership Secretary, Jo Gordon.

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